About Us

IntraPac is a diversified packaging company that offers solutions by providing a variety of packaging componentry. The customers we supply depend on us for packaging that combines high performance with high-end appearance. IntraPac integrates molding, forming, impact extrusion, decoration, assembly and fabrication to provide a wide collection of packaging. We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction and strive to serve with flexibility. Our specialty packaging products are designed to meet demanding packaging requirements and offer general purpose packaging that is used across broad applications and markets. We offer a focused strategy that is tailored to meet the need for specialized performance, unique aesthetics, or even limited product test runs. Our products have been associated with many prestigious brands and niche markets in demanding industries.

The packaging products we manufacture, decorate or assemble combine the following materials and production technologies:

IntraPac’s history has roots of more than a century in the industry. Our current management is dedicated to continuous improvement and is focused on the next packaging industry challenge. We continue to update technology and to innovate by delivering new products and designs. We also understand the difference service can make in the success of your packaging project. Satisfaction is our primary objective and versatility is our means to ensure your packaging success— from design, through trials, to commercialization.

IntraPac offers an expansive packaging product line that meets the highest standards of consumer goods companies by utilizing innovation and technology to achieve superior quality, value, flexibility and reliability.

We accomplish these objectives by investing in continued development of our employees to achieve growth with our customers, employees and communities.