Our Calgary facility offers PET as well as HDPE handle ware. Check out our Preform page to view our finish sizes to meet your needs for custom packages.

750 ml Syrup bottle 4L Oil Jug 3L Oil Jug
Syrup – 750mL Jug – 4L Jug – 3L
Product Description Size Finish Weight(s) Material Height (mm) Diameter (mm)
Food / Valetta 750mL 28mm PCO 1810 47g PETE 264.00 78.75
Food / Syrup 750mL 28mm PCO 1810 47g PETE 274.16 74.68
Jug 3,000mL 38mm SP400   HDPE 235.46 192.43 X 108.76
Jug 4,000mL 38mm SP400   HDPE 277.50 188.95 X 104.88


Manufacture location: Calgary, AB – Formerly Westbridge