Necks and Caps


We are capable of offering the following closures: standard fez, puncture fez, stand up pedestals, or stand up flip-top caps. Each diameter offering varies. More detail can be provided upon request. IntraPac offers a variety of neck sizes as noted in the diagram on the right. Please check each product chart to find the neck sizes available for your tube.

Laminate Tubes Necks


IntraPac offers a variety of standards as well as alternative choices of stand-up or flip top closures allowing for varied presentations of product, package and safety. Most caps are available for IntraPac tubes, but please check before specifying non-standards.

Laminate Tubes Caps

IntraPac reserves the right to change or modify the design of its products without any obligation to provide notification of change or intent to change.

Manufacture location: Lawrenceburg, IN