Tin Tubes

Ophthalmic Tin Tubes

Ophthalmic Tin Tubes

General Information

Collapsible Ophthalmic Tin Tubes …

  • Tin’s outstanding moisture and vapor barrier properties provide increased product shelf-life and sterility over competing packages. These barrier properties also prevent ingress, or egress, of chemicals that could change the potency of the active ingredients or result in significant toxicological issues with the formulation.
  • Provide the ability to easily control the amount of ointment dispensed by simply removing the tamper-evident cap and gently squeezing the tube.
  • Flatten as product is removed from them, changing shape to match the volume of the remaining contents, therefore minimizing contaminant’s like air and moisture from entering the container, known as “suck back”.
  • Do not have overflow issues that aluminum or plastic tubes do where ointment continues to flow after squeezing has stopped.
  • Because nothing is cleaner or more user-friendly, tin has been the preferred container for eye ointments for over 50 years.
  • The tin tube package is a proven design for Gamma and ETO sterilization processes.
  • The closure provides a quick and secure seal.

IntraPac Tube Features …

  • All tubes are cleaned with a Purified Water PQ wash system to reduce particulate and bioburden.
  • Patented tamper evident closure system.
  • Our in-house prepress, art department and printing capabilities make us a one stop decorating solution.
  • Manufacturing process facility supported by an up-to-date Drug Master File and our experienced technical staff.
  • A GMP Manufacturing Facility.
  • Free sample tubes for initial compatibility testing.
Fill Volumes
2″ 1g
2.75″ 3.5g


IntraPac tin tubes offer flexible decorating and printing possibilities with up to 4 colors. This guideline illustrates the typical printable area and basic guidelines to follow when creating or setting up your artwork. For electronic art, the preferred platform is Macintosh and the preferred format is Adobe Illustrator. It is preferred that all text be converted to outlines. This is a must if sending a file created on a pc. Please contact us to receive the full artwork guidelines.

For free samples, please contact our manufacturing facility.

Manufacture Location: Harrisonburg, VA