FEP Coating – MDI

FEP coating provides very low extractables and leachables, when compared to competitive containers:

  • Leads to improved dose reproducibility, shorter development programs, and superior product formulations
  • Low IP concerns
  • E&L data is available upon request

FEP Coating

General Information

Are you concerned about drug deposition on your MDI can wall?

Do you need a coated can with very low extractables?

The solution is in the IntraPac FEP coated can.

“IntraPac has been the leading provider and innovator in metered-dose inhaler can coating technology, since we introduced the process to the global pharmaceutical industry in the mid-90’s.”

  • Flouropolymer (FEP) coating is applied and cured to the internal surface of our cans to prevent the adherence of drug active on the can substrate, improving chemical and physical stability
  • FEP coating provides a clean, chemically inert contact layer between the formulation and the aluminum can surface

FEP Coated Inhaler Cans

FEP Coated Inhaler Can Spec 1FEP Coated Inhaler Can Spec 2

Outside Diameter (A) Length (B)
22.15 mm 33.6 mm
22.15 mm 47.5 mm
22.15 mm 59 mm
22.15 mm 61 mm

For a free sample, please contact our manufacture location.

Manufacture location: Harrisonburg, VA